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02-16 latte in the marianas

Dr. Kelly Marsh and Jolie Liston’s book project, Latte in the Marianas, By the Community, and For the Community, has finally launched!

With the support of the project’s publishing funder, Guam Preservation Trust, they have graciously entrusted Guampedia to make this book available to the community with sales proceeds to further support educational outreach of Marianas history and heritage.

The book wouldn’t have been the same without the important contributions of Valley of the Latte and the ability to highlight VOL. Over 80 cultural practitioners, artists, archaeologists, historic preservationists, and others comprise this book by the community, for the community on the iconic latte of the Marianas.

The books will be available through Guampedia with the proceeds going toward continuing to sustain cultural and historical preservation.


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