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Silebra I Kutturata-ta yan I Hinanao-ta - Celebrate our Culture and our Journey

03-22 flyer silebra i kutturata-ta yan i hinanao-ta

Hafa Adai!

We, invite you to the Guam Museum! Experience the opportunities available for local small businesses, arts, crafts, and food vendors while commencing Mes CHamoru Month “Silebra I Kutturata-ta yan I Hinanao-ta (Celebrate our Culture and our Journey)” brought to you by the Department of CHamoru Affairs, Guam Museum, Guam Museum Foundation Inc., Valley of the Latte, Para i Probechu’n i Taotao-Ta, and Pacific Daily News. 

The community will partake in a daylong celebration filled with family-friendly activities at the Guam Museum on Thursday, March 31, 2022.  With your help, the Friends of the Guam Museum Foundation, Inc. can continue to bring everyone together to enrich the quality of our island community with a range of local entertainment, product, and food at the Guam Museum (Skinner) Park Plaza.


9a.m. – 2p.m. The Guam Museum is providing tours of the “Hinanao-ta” exhibit, featuring seven galleries and one rotating gallery:

  • Gallery 1: I Tinituhon (Fo’na Creation Story, The Beginning) 
  • Gallery 2: I Tasi Yan I Tano (The Sea and the Land)
  • Gallery 3: Ginen I Manain-ta (Our Ancient Heritage)
  • Gallery 4: Fanatahguiyan I Ha’ane (A Time of Change)
  • Gallery 5: Ti Geran Mami (A War Not Of Our Making)
  • Gallery 6: Humuyong-na I Gera (The Cost of War)
  • Gallery 7: I Finaloffan Yan I Ma’mai’la (Our Past and Our Future)
  • Rotating Gallery: Fanohge CHamoru Put I Tano’-ta Charting Our Collective Future

(Opening ceremony for this exhibit is 10:30am, March 28, 2022)

The Guam Museum will be strictly adhering to social distancing and capacity restrictions that are currently applied to indoor activities. Face masks must be worn in all museum areas, and visitors undergo a temperature check upon arrival. Visitors with temperatures above 100.3 will not be permitted to enter.  To become a Friend of the Museum visit

2p.m. – 4p.m. Learn to weave baskets from coconut leaves, make marmar (flower crowns), and make coconut oil and coconut candy during cultural demonstrations at Skinner Plaza, brought to you by Valley of the Latte. Cost is $10, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Guam Museum. Please register in advance at

4p.m. – 9p.m. Enjoy free cultural performances by Para i Probechu’n i Taotao-Ta and music from the Guam Territorial Band at the Guam Museum (Skinner) Plaza to name a few. Take home memories of Mes CHamoru and purchase artisan crafts and products from local vendors and get dinner for the family from the amazing food trucks surrounding the park.  

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