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The Valley of the Latte's Summer Culture Camp and Harvest Tour are the best things to do on Guam this summer for adventurers of all ages.

Guam's Summer Culture Camp 2022

First of 5 - Sessions (2 -weeks per session) begins on June 6th. Spaces are limited.

Valley of the Latte Culture Camp

Valley of the Latte Adventure Park is hosting its summer culture camp for kids ages 7 through 13 through Aug. 13 this year. Each camp takes place at the Talofofo park, which will be hosting 25 campers each two-week session.

During the sessions, campers will learn:

  • How to create both practical and beautifully decorative woven items from coconut leaves, pago fiber, and akgak. Campers will learn how to identify leaves for weaving, understand the differences and the different uses of each type, and connect it all to the rich cultural heritage of Guam’s people.
  • How to select, husk and prep freshly picked coconuts to make coconut candy and other uses.
  • How to care for the local wildlife and how to become an ally of wildlife conservation. Campers will learn about the historical and cultural significance of the island’s animal life while they care for and feed the animals every day.
  • How to carefully explore the surrounding areas and leave only footprints. Campers will engage in basic hiking safety and best practices, learn about the cultural significance of the local area, and embark on guided hikes through the valley while carefully documenting their environments.
  • How to use a kayak through basic kayaking safety, lessons on paddling, steering, and navigation. Campers will be taken on guided tours over calm waters of the only navigable riverways on the island.

The Valley of the Latte is Guam Safe Certified, indicating it takes part in the Guam Visitors Bureau program identifying organizations that follow government and industry pandemic guidelines.

Space is limited, and you must register 2 weeks before the session of your choice. Go to for more information and to register.

Looking for a refreshing outdoor adventure for the entire family?

Things to do on guam tour - HARVEST TOUR 2021 The Valley of the Latte is Guam's Safest Outdoor Cultural Adventure Tour perfect for families

Harvest Tours are here for a limited time only!

Tour Dates: May 27th & 28th, June 3rd & 4th, June 10th & 11th, June 17th & 18th. 

We invite everyone to walk the Valley of the Latte Farms and hand-select the island’s freshest watermelon to enjoy with friends and family! 

Adventurers of all ages can enjoy a Jungle River Cruise along Guam’s only navigable rivers to the Valley of the Latte Farms. We work to provide seasonal harvests utilizing sustainable agricultural methods and taking advantage of the rich volcanic soil of Southern Guam. We are expecting a harvest of roughly 50,000 lbs. of fresh and delicious watermelon! 

Learn more and book your tour before Watermelons run out by visiting:

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