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We are going to Guam!

Traveling to a tropical island paradise has its benefits. One such benefit is the ability to find countless adventures perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

We won’t spoil the video, but we will hint that a great cultural adventure in the heart of Guam starts at 07:44 of the video.

Part 1 of Namdari’s honeymoon in Guam!

This is the itinerary from Incheon Airport to the second day.

Enjoy your honeymoon in Guam together :-)

00:54 Incheon Airport, Airplane, Arrival in Guam

01:23 Nikko Hotel

02:51 Fish Eye Dinner Show 06:19 Wake up, move

07:44 Valley of the Latte (Chamorro native, buffalo ride) 14:55 Merizo Pier

16:49 Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

18:20 Meskla Bistro

19:50 night market

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