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Summer Camp Sessions are from:

June 19th to June 30th (SOLD OUT)

July 3rd to July 14th

Valley of the Latte Summer Camp Activities Guam
Valley of the Latte Summer Camp Activities Guam
Valley of the Latte Summer Camp Activities Guam

Guam's Summer Camp!

Valley of the Latte is excited to offer a fun and educational summer camp for kids! Located in the heart of Guam, our summer camp provides a unique way for kids to experience outdoor adventure, cultural immersion, and hands-on learning. Surrounded by lush jungles and the beautiful Talo’fo’fo River, children will engage in activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and sustainable farming. Our expert guides and educational staff will lead children in exciting cultural activities such as weaving, crafting, and cooking traditional CHamoru treats. Kids will learn about Guam’s rich history and culture, and be given the opportunity to connect with the natural environment in a safe and meaningful way. Our summer camp provides a dynamic and exciting experience for kids, while also encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and a love for learning. Join us for an unforgettable summer adventure at Valley of the Latte!

Guam Summer Camp – The Details: $425 per Camper per 2-week session | 2 Classes per Session | 25 Campers per Class max | Age Range 7 to 13 | Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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Valley of the Latte Guam’s Summer Camp is here! Get ready for an adventure like no other—at the Valley of the Latte’s Culture Camp! In our summer adventures, campers get outside to explore habitats, discover wildlife, connect with friends, and create new memories. Led by experienced educators, campers learn about our island’s history, beauty, and culture in the unique and magical setting of the Valley. Campers will have an amazing amount of fun participating in great workshops and activities throughout their Culture Camp Days!

Campers will learn:

  • how to create both practical and beautifully decorative woven items from Coconut leaves, Pago Fiber, and Akgak. Campers will learn how to identify leaves for weaving, understand the differences and the different uses of each type, and connect it all with the rich cultural heritage of our people.
  • how to select, husk and prep freshly picked Coconuts for Coconut Candy making and other uses of the Coconut.
  • how to care for the local wildlife and how to become an ally of wildlife conservation. Campers will learn about the historical and cultural significance of our island’s animal life while they care for and feed the animals every day.
  • how to carefully explore the beautiful surrounding areas and leave only footprints. Campers will engage in basic hiking safety and best practices, learn about the cultural significance of the local area, and embark on guided hikes through the valley while carefully documenting their environments. An ecologically friendly tour is a great benefit after being couped up this past year.
  • how to carefully Kayak with basic kayaking safety, lessons on paddling, steering, and navigation. Campers will truly be amazed as they embark on guided tours over the calm and cool waters of the only navigable riverways on the island. 

Summer Camp Sessions will be heldL
– June 5th to June 16th – Cancelled due to Typhoon Mawar
– June 19th to June 30th (Sold Out)
-July 3rd to July 14th

Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

The safety of our campers, staff, plants, and animals continues to be our top priority. We have implemented safety protocols aligned with guidelines provided by the CDC and local Public Health Authorities. All staff and campers are required to follow the recommended guidelines. The Valley of the Latte is also Guam Safe Certified! Guam Safe Certified is the official Guam designation that says the Valley of the Latte takes care and pride in following government and industry pandemic guidelines.

Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this great outdoor cultural adventure experience! 

We’re looking forward to welcoming our campers back to the great outdoors!

*Activities are subject to change based on weather and other environmental conditions.
*Must book 2 weeks prior to desired Summer Camp Session.

Register Your Camper(s) Today!

Your 2023 Camp Director:

domimic J Leon guerrero valley of the latte summer camp guam director

Håfa Ådai yan Såludu Campers,

Guåhu si Saina Dominic LG and I am honored to be your Camp Saina this coming Tiempon Somnak (Summer) here at the Valley. I’m excited for you all to explore natural habitats, learn new life skills, discover different wildlife as well as create long lasting friendships and create new memories. My personal goal is for each of you to be able to understand our island’s history, beauty, and culture in the unique and magical setting of the valley. I’m looking forward to a wonderful tiempon somnak filled with fun, learning, and many memories.

 Senseramento yan Bula Guinaiya,

Saina Dominic J. Leon Guerrero

Camp Director Background:

Dominic J. Leon Guerrero is a 32-year-old son of Guahan. He was born and raised in the village of God’s Country, Talo’fo’fo. Familian Pomparu yan Familian Chendis. He has been a part of the Cultural Arena for 11+ years, he is a member of Guma’ Aniten I Taotao Tano’ and an instructor of Guma’ Aniten I Puti’on Tåsi. He is currently taking classes under Master of CHamoru Dance Saina Frank Rabon.


Guam Community College – General Ed (Early Childhood Development)

University of Guam – Pacific Asian Studies (CHamoru Studies)

Work Background – Guähan Academy Charter School – CHamoru Language and Cultural Arts

Additional Skills: First Aid/CPR & CERT Certified

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