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Experience Guam's Best Tours for Culture, History, & Beauty at the Valley of the Latte!

The Adventure River Cruise - Our Most Popular Tour that's perfect for guests of all ages!

The Adventure River Cruise delivers a unique and magical experience. As you travel along the Talofofo and Ugum rivers, you will be transported to another time at the heart of Guam. Knowledgeable, friendly, and entertaining guides will share the rich history and culture of the Ancient Latte site, the local waters, the local wildlife, and ensure that you are smiling from start to finish. ​

Adventure Kayaking

Keep Alert! Adventure is just around the River. Grab a friend and jump in a two person Kayak to explore two of Guam's tropical rivers up close. Have a hands on experience with local wildlife, while learning about the culture and history of Guam. * Due to the adventurous nature of this tour, only Adults (ages 12 and older) will be allowed.​

Adventure Paddle Boarding

Experience gliding over open waters as you are immersed in the sun and surf atop beautiful tropical rivers. The Valley of the Latte offers a fun guided tour as you explore the serene Talofofo and Ugum Rivers. Another great way to relax, escape to nature, and enjoy the island of Guam. *Due to the adventurous nature of this tour, only Adults (ages 12 and older) will be allowed. ​

Explore thousands of years of Guam’s Culture, History, & Beauty, as you enjoy over 5 acres of our southern paradise! The Valley of the Latte offers outdoor cultural adventures on guided tours with the world-famous Adventure River Cruise, the Kayaking & Paddle Boarding Adventures, and great events. Check out our Calendar of Events for culturally immersive workshops that provide hands-on experiences for guests to weave coconut leaves, make coconut oil & coconut candy, create beautiful Ti Leaf Leis or Mwarmwars ‘Flower Crowns’, and more!

Valley of the Latte Guams Summer Camp 2023 Outdoor Cultural Educational Adventure Guam Tours

Get ready for an adventure like no other—at the Valley of the Latte’s Culture Camp! In our summer adventures, campers get outside to explore habitats, discover wildlife, connect with friends, and create new memories. Led by experienced educators, campers learn about our island’s history, beauty, and culture in the unique and magical setting of the Valley. Campers will have an amazing amount of fun participating in great workshops and activities throughout their Culture Camp Days!

Experience the rich heritage of the CHamoru culture from the comfort of your own home with our online cultural workshops!

Learn to make Titiyas Månha on June 4th or Bonuelos Månha on June 11th.

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