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Support for Senot John Aguon and Anghit #ANGEL

Hafa Adai

We are fundraising to support Senot John Aguon and Anghit, his Angel.

Around March 27th, Anghit ("Angel"), Mr. John Aguon's Carabao was shot in the early hours of the morning. Anghit, the friendly Carabao, sustained injuries to both sides of her ribs and jaw. After a short time, she succumbed to the injuries.

The funds we raise will go directly to Mr. John Aguon, his family, and to the continued care of their animals. Mr. John Aguon, his care of animals and, in particular, the work with Anghit has brought joy to people of all ages, from all over the world. For several decades, they have brought smiles to kids and families at local schools, festivals, the Chamorro Night Market, special events, and at the Valley of the Latte.

Anghit was more than just a Carabao, she was a part of the family and was cared for every single day as such. From food and pasturing to the cool waters provided on hot days, Mr. John Aguon has spent decades working with loving animals and helping people create lifelong memories.

When asked about one of his favorite memories with Anghit, he did not mention one particular memory. Instead, he mentioned the many times a small child would approach the larger-than-life Carabao with hesitation and fear. Then in a blink of an eye, the child would not want to leave nor stop riding their newest friend. The joy Anghit provided to that child, their families, guests, and everyone on the island, will not easily be forgotten.

Any support would be greatly appreciated as we continue to band together as a family to face these difficult situations. We ask that you donate only what you can afford to provide in support. Every dollar will go to Anghit's final care, Mr. John Aguon and his business in caring for his animals, and the costs associated with finding a new friendly and rideable Carabao to bring joy and create memories for all, in the years to come.

Si Yu'os Ma'ase.

-Valley of the Latte Family


Donated as of April 6th


Our Goal

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