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Valley of the Latte Summer Camp Guam 2024

Explore the Wonders of Culture at Valley of the Latte Summer Camp! 🚣‍♂️🌴

Culture Camp at Guam's #1 Outdoor Cultural Adventure Experience
Valley of the Latte Summer Camp Kids 2021 Guam Summer Camp
Valley of the Latte Summer Camp 2023 gathering
Guam's Valley of the Latte Adventure Park Adventure Kayaking

Discover Adventure & Tradition this Summer!

Escape to the great outdoors and immerse your camper(s) in the rich culture of Guam at the Valley of the Latte Summer Culture Camp!

Get ready for an adventure like no other—at the Valley of the Latte’s Culture Camp! In our summer adventures, campers get outside to explore habitats, discover wildlife, connect with friends, and create new memories. Led by experienced educators, campers learn about our island’s history, beauty, and culture in the unique and magical setting of the Valley. Campers will have an amazing amount of fun participating in great workshops and activities throughout their Culture Camp Days!

Perfect for: Nature-loving adventurers, cultural enthusiasts, and young explorers looking to fill their summer with unique experiences.

Ages: 7 – 13 | 20 Campers per Session

Prices: $450 per Camper. 

Camp: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

4 Sessions:
1st Session: June 10th to June 21st (SOLD OUT)
2nd Session: June 24th to July 5th (SOLD OUT)
3rd Session: July 8th to July 19th
4th Session: July 22nd to August 2nd

Experience Activities Like No Other:

  • Carabao Rides: Get up close and personal with these gentle giants for a true island experience.
  • Kayaking Adventures: Paddle through serene river waters and connect with nature like never before.
  • Traditional Fishing: Learn the art of fishing using hand lines on river boats — a skill that lasts a lifetime.
  • Coconut Weaving: Craft your own decorative items and tools just like the ancient Chamorro people did.
  • Coconut Treasures: Discover the secrets of coconut husking and turn this versatile fruit into candy and oil.
  • Wildlife Wonders: Engage in activities to understand how to nurture and protect the island’s precious wildlife.
  • Lush Valley Hikes: Trek through breathtaking landscapes, the perfect backdrop for your summer memories.
  • Kayak & Boat Safety: Master the basics of water safety while having fun under the sun.
  • Habitat Education: Delve deeper into the habitats that make Guam’s ecosystem so unique.
  • Culture & History: Explore the island’s storied past and vibrant culture in a hands-on environment.
  • Farming Fun: Roll up your sleeves and learn about traditional farming techniques.
  • Chamorro Language Lessons: Take home a piece of the island by learning phrases and sayings in the local tongue.


Connect with Tradition, Make New Friends, and Create Lasting Memories!

A season of learning and fun awaits at the Valley of the Latte Summer Culture Camp. This isn’t just a camp; it’s an adventure that weaves together culture, language, history, and environmental appreciation. It’s a chance for your kids to disconnect from screens and reconnect with the world around them.

⭐ Spots are Limited! Register Now for an Unforgettable Summer! ⭐

Additional Details:

Campers will learn:

  • how to create both practical and beautifully decorative woven items from Coconut leaves, Pago Fiber, and Akgak. Campers will learn how to identify leaves for weaving, understand the differences and the different uses of each type, and connect it all with the rich cultural heritage of our people.
  • how to select, husk and prep freshly picked Coconuts for Coconut Candy making and other uses of the Coconut.
  • how to care for the local wildlife and how to become an ally of wildlife conservation. Campers will learn about the historical and cultural significance of our island’s animal life while they care for and feed the animals every day.
  • how to carefully explore the beautiful surrounding areas and leave only footprints. Campers will engage in basic hiking safety and best practices, learn about the cultural significance of the local area, and embark on guided hikes through the valley while carefully documenting their environments. An ecologically friendly tour is a great benefit after being couped up this past year.
  • how to carefully Kayak with basic kayaking safety, lessons on paddling, steering, and navigation. Campers will truly be amazed as they embark on guided tours over the calm and cool waters of the only navigable riverways on the island. 


The safety of our campers, staff, plants, and animals continues to be our top priority. We have implemented safety protocols aligned with guidelines provided by the CDC and local Public Health Authorities. All staff and campers are required to follow the recommended guidelines. The Valley of the Latte is also Guam Safe Certified! Guam Safe Certified is the official Guam designation that says the Valley of the Latte takes care and pride in following government and industry pandemic guidelines.

Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this great outdoor cultural adventure experience! 

We’re looking forward to welcoming our campers back to the great outdoors!

*Activities are subject to change based on weather and other environmental conditions.
*Must book 2 weeks prior to desired Summer Camp Session.

Camp Essentials for an Outdoor Summer Adventure

Preparing for our outdoor summer camp? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you have all the essentials for a fun, safe, and comfortable experience in the great outdoors.

The Must-Have List

  • Sun Protection
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)
  • Wide-brimmed Hat or Cap
  • UV Protection Sunglasses
  • Hydration
  • Water Bottle
  • Consider bringing a water thermos or container for refills
  • Nutrition
  • Non-perishable Snacks (e.g., trail mix, granola bars, dried fruits)
  • Energy-rich Foods (e.g., nut butter pouches, jerky)
  • Insect Repellent
  • DEET-based or natural bug repellent
  • Bug repellent bracelets or wipes
  • Additional Items
  • Moisture-wicking Clothing suitable for layering
  • Comfortable Shoes for hikes and activities

Remember, your packing list may vary according to the camp’s duration, activities planned, and personal preferences. Tailor this checklist to your needs and double-check with the camp directors if specific gear is provided or not allowed.

Message from our Camp Director:

camp counselor message
Valley of the Latte Guam Family Annual Pass

Join the Annual Family Pass Membership.

  • Enjoy a discounted price for Summer Camp Registration.
  • Unlimited Admission for your family on the Adventure River Cruise for a whole year.
  • Discounted prices for all of your guests on our Adventure River Cruise!
  • Priority Access to great cultural events like our annual festivals and harvest tours.
  • Priority Access to our Cultural Workshops.
  • A 10% discount at our Visitor Center Gift Shop.
  • And more! Learn more on our Annual Pass Membership FAQ PAGE.

For more information and to reserve your adventure:

☎️ Call us at 1.671.789.3342

💻 Visit our website at

📩 Email us at

Or stop by the Valley of the Latte Visitor Center!

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