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Miss Earth Guam 2016 Contestants Visit Talofofo River Valley to See Impacts of Soil Erosion

2016 Miss Guam Earth Contestants Valley of the Latte Adventure Park Guam

Over the weekend, 2016 Miss Guam Earth contestants took a tour of the Talofofo River Valley to learn about the impact of soil erosion on the eco-system.


Guam - The beautiful contestants were briefed on the history of the area and learned more about the significant environmental damage being caused by erosion at the Ugum and Talofofo River Valley. Along with the tour, the Miss Guam Earth contestants were taken on a 30 minute river boat cruise, went to Animal Sanctuary and Fishing Experience, and visited the ancient latte site. We caught up with a couple of the ladies to find out how they felt about the experience. 

Contestant Gloria Nelson says, "My purpose of being a contestant is to be a spokeswoman for Guam and help our environment because there are a lot of new things coming out like the Fujita culvert and the Pago Bay build up. I'd like to be an advocate for our environment here on island."
Another contestant Britney Perez says, "I really promote that you clean up after yourselves, if you see trash, pick it up, if you see something out of place, do something about it, don't pass it by. If you don't do something about it, who else will."
Last month, Senator Rory Respicio also toured the Talofofo and Ugum rivers in an effort to learn more about the growing erosion problem. 
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