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The Valley of the Latte and Ulitao are proud to present the 1st Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi, The Festival of the Canoes- Valley of the Latte Adventure Park, Guam

I Fiesan Sahyan Tasi- the festival of the canoes at the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park, Guam Tours Activities and Adventures

The Festival of the Canoes, Southern Guam's Annual Festival

I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi Recap

  1. Mayor Vicente Taitague from Talofofo, Mayor Doris Flores Lujan from Inarajan, Kloppenburg Enterprises, Inc., Jungle River Cruise, Inc., Ulitao, and Valley of the Latte, LLC are proud sponsors of the First Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi- The Festival of the Canoes.

  2. When will it happen? We expect hundreds of local as well as off-island guests to come to I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi scheduled from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday, and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd, 2016.

  3. Who are the Exhibitors? Qualified Exhibitors, All Artists, All Farmers, Local Product Vendors, and Schools.
  4. Entrance Fee for the I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi: 
    1. Adults - $20 per person
    2. Students 8 and above - $10 per person
    3. Children 7 and Under and Senior Citizens 60 and Over - Free of Charge.
  5. Ticket to Fun For Everyone: Tickets will entitle guests access to river boat rides, a visit to the animal petting zoo and sanctuary, and a walk through an ancient Chamorro latte site, and all exhibitors located throughout the park. There will be over 50 exhibitor booths with food, farm produce, arts and crafts, and school exhibits. Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Karabao Rides, and Fishing will be available for a nominal fee.
  6. Where can you get your Tickets? Tickets will be available at designated Locations and Valley of the Latte Adventure Park office in Talofofo.

    For more information, Call: 1 (671) 789 - 3342 | Email:

The story behind the scenes

     The need to provide an authentic cultural and historical experience for our residents and guests is evident by annual surveys conducted by the Guam Visitors Bureau. The Jungle River Adventure Cruise has been in business since 1989. Over the past two years, the owners of the Valley of the Latte llc have worked to re-imagineer the entire experience. Major renovations and improvements have been completed, with the addition of a gift shop and visitor center, the creation of a Lanchon Antigo and Animal Sanctuary, the introduction of a Fishing Adventure, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Surfing Adventure, and a pineapple plantation and fruit farm, along with the pre-existing Adventure River Boat Cruise and Kayaking. The entire destination has been re-branded as “The Valley of the Latte Adventure Park”, and has been receiving rave reviews from local residents as well as guests from abroad.

     A recent addition to the Valley of the Latte was the establishment of Ulitao’s home at the ancient latte site. Ulitao, a non-profit organization established in March 2013, has dedicated its time, resources and efforts to preserve, promote and teach the ancient art form of canoe carving and seafaring skills. Canoe carving sessions as well as a living ancient Chamorro village where skills are taught to guests occur daily. This addition to the Valley of the Latte brings us one step closer to realizing the desires of our visitors and residents alike to experience what truly makes Guam unique and special.

     The active managers of Valley of the Latte llc have extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Managing Director, David Tydingco, served as President and CEO of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association for over 12 years, and served as Chairman of the Board for the Guam Visitors Bureau from 2003 to 2010. Eddy J. Reyes has extensive experience in the government and private sector, serving in the US Military, including time with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), serving as the Guam Build Up Director under Governor Eddie Calvo, and is currently owner and CEO of EDR Enterprises. Jay R. Merrill, founder of Market Research and Development, has been providing research and business development services for the regions visitor industry for more than 25 years. He also serves as Executive Director for the Center for Micronesian Empowerment, and was an organizer for the PATA Asia Pacific Conference, and the Western Pacific Regional Committee conference for the World Health Organization.

     His company provides visitor related research services in the CNMI and on Guam and is involved in visitor related business development projects throughout the Western Pacific. Ron Acfalle, founder of Ulitao, has been teaching the art of Canoe Carving and Seafaring Skills for over 10 years. He was one of the leaders to organize the seafarers for FestPac 2016 and has shown his commitment and passion to teach all who want to learn, the ancient art of canoe building and seafaring. The goal for his organization is to build a traditional Sakman and sail with other Micronesian Island Seafarers to FestPac 2020 in Hawaii. Together, they have assembled a team to oversee the success of the entire destination, partnering with residents of Talofofo, Inarajan and the surrounding community.

You can experience the Culture, the Living History, and share in the excitement by visiting us today!

For Our Culture, History, and People

     I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi will continue to promote our culture and history and bring many of our residents and guests to truly experience an authentic Chamorro event. We wanted to introduce the entire destination to our community, create an event that the island could be a part of for years to come, showcase the Talofofo river as the heart of the event, and work with the southern community as partners in the project. Thus, the 1st Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi, was born.

     The Valley of the Latte would like to provide Ulitao the opportunity to really introduce it's new home and the Seafaring Traditions of our Ancestors to the local community. The addition of Ultao and the growth of the Valley of the Latte has allowed the Park to truly be Guam's major cultural, historical, and eco-tourism destination for all to experience and enjoy. A part of that growth and magic are the people that work with us to make the Valley of the Latte events truly spectacular. The local artists that share and provide their crafts with guests, the local farmers who have become an integral part of the Southern Guam experience while providing their insights and produce to the public, and the development of the culture and tradition of the island through local vendors are at the heart of what allows the Valley of the Latte to enhance it's authentic cultural spirit. All of this could not be possible without the support of the villages of Talofofo and Inarajan, the mayors, and its people. Together, we hope to continue to educate our communities on the cultural and historic significance of the Valley of the Latte and its relation to traditions of the ancient Chamorros.

    At the core of the Valley of the Latte is the goal of building the Park to its fullest potential and to give the land and the living history back to our people. We have done so by partnering with the Mayors  of Inarajan and Talofofo, as hosts of the event and working with the local artists, farmers, vendors, and villages to make this the signature annual event for the south. We have also given ownership of the major concessions at the Valley (Latte Hut Gift Shop, Lanchon Antigo, Ko'Ko Hut, Fishing Adventure, and Kantina, Lotus Paddle Board and Surfing Adventure, and Guma Ulitao) to our residents, the vast majority who call Southern Guam home.


The 1st Annual Valley of the Latte River Festival was just the beginning!

Valley of the Latte and Ulitao proudly presented the First Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi - The Festival of the Canoes

Valley of the Latte and Ulitao proudly presented the First Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi - The Festival of the Canoes

Festival of the Canoes, Guam, Valley of the Latte Adventure Park, Cultural Adventure
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