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I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi - The Festival of the Canoes - Tradition, Heritage, Culture, Adventure, Tours, History, Chamorro, Guam, Canoes

The History

A systematic migration to and settlement of the Mariana Islands, about 4,500 years ago, would not have been possible without some degree of sophistication regarding the ancient Chamorro settlers’ construction of seaworthy craft and their ability to navigate such vessels to and from these islands and their place of origin. As this was the probable case, it follows that the means which enabled their migration, also provided the Chamorros with the foundation for the construction and handling of the Chamorro proa—the sailing vessels so renowned and praised by Europeans who encountered it in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries.


The respect and tradition of the people was on display as any seafaring travelers must request permission from the village representative to make land fall and enter the village.

" A great display of cutlure, tradition, and the wonder and beauty of our island and the people of Guam. "

I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi - The Festival of the Canoes

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