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Valley of the Latte is the Perfect Venue for your next Special Occasion

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The Valley of the Latte brings natural beauty, charm, character, and culture to every special event.

Weddings, Receptions, Graduations, Company Retreats & Parties, and any occasion.


Tinkham-Nakamura Wedding -January 21st, 2017

On January 21st, 2017, the Valley of the Latte had the great privilege of hosting the Tinkham-Nakamura Wedding. We would like to share some photos from the event and a few words from the mother of the Groom after such a special day:

" I wanted a garden party like event in a setting that was
tropical, lush, near water and intimate.  I also wanted local food that
reminded me of fiestas, weddings when I was growing up.  I wanted live
entertainment, again, like I remember of weddings growing up.  There was a
lot of coordinating going on to make this happen but everyone did their
part and YOU made it happen.  Guests enjoyed themselves and were in awe
with the boat ride/scenery, the Village, and the Ulitao Warriors.  They
also raved about the food.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for
making 21 Jan 2017 a very special and memorable day for Neil, Haruka, our
Japan family, my family, guests and me.  The Valley of the Latte staff
were kind, friendly, engaging and very supportive in making this day
magical.  Dave, you really have great folks!

Finally, thank you for the photos.  I really enjoyed them.  Other folks
have been posting their photos on Facebook as well and I just can't stop
looking at them because every shot is picture perfect! "

With Gratitude and Sincere Appreciation,


Guam has all facilities necessary for a fantasy wedding in the Pacific.

Guam has churches, chapels, resorts and all sorts of natural environments for the perfect fantasy wedding come to life.

What will make your wedding uniquely and unequivocally beautiful is a venue that brings all the life, beauty, ambience, culture, and character of the island and delivers it seamlessly for your special day.

Whether it is the tropical weather, the crisp and cool views off the rivers, the lush greenery, the living village and botanical garden, or simply the traditional canoe entrance for the bride & groom, there are many reasons for you to choose the Valley of the Latte for your next wedding.

The Valley of the Latte is perfect for more than just a wedding. School Charters, Company Retreats, Holiday Parties, Graduations, Birthday Parties, Field Trips, and a location for agricultural, historical, biological, and marine studies are all just some of the reasons to call or email the Valley of the Latte.

For more information call, 1.671.789.3342. or 1.671.646.1710, Or email

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