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Traveling to Guam on a Cruise

Traveling to Guam on a Cruise?

When it comes to visiting Guam, many tourists are attracted to its pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and tax-free shopping districts. However, there is so much more to discover beyond these tourist hotspots. One hidden gem that is The Valley of the Latte. This lush park located in southern Guam is a fascinating cultural and nature experience that is a must-visit for anyone interested in the island’s history and natural beauty.

Tucked away in the Talofofo and Ugum river valley, The Valley of the Latte is over 500-acres of ancient land that offers visitors a glimpse into Guam’s ancient Chamorro culture. The park is named after the latte stones that were used by Chamorro ancestors as foundation pillars for their homes, structures and other important buildings. There are  latte stones that have stood the test of time for thousands of years throughout the park, along with other interesting cultural artifacts.

One of the main highlights of the Valley of the Latte is its idyllic river that meanders through the land. Visitors can take a riverboat tour, where they’ll be transported to another place and time surrounded by the lush jungle and an abundance of wildlife. The river is home to many indigenous species and the tour includes a visit to our animal experience with deer, local wildlife, and a chance to ride a friendly carabao. The tour guides are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the river and can also provide information about the Chamorro culture.

Visitors can also participate in various traditional Chamorro activities during their visit to the Valley of the Latte. A traditional weaving workshop lets visitors experience how Chamorros used to weave baskets, mats and other household items. Visitors can also learn how to husk coconuts and even make fire using traditional methods. 

The Valley of the Latte is a great option for a day trip, perfect for tourists who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Guam’s tourist districts. The serene atmosphere and scenic vistas are a refreshing break from the crowds of busy beach areas, giving visitors an opportunity to slow down and take in the natural beauty and rich history of the island. We also provide transportation to and from your cruise and several convenient locations close to hotels. 

We hope to welcome each of you to the Valley of the Latte on one of our great cultural tours.

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