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Valley of the Latte Watermelon Harvest Tours

Delicious Watermelon Harvest at the Valley of the Latte Guam

The Harvest tours are available on Fridays and Saturday in June!

June 14th – 15th,
June 21st – 22nd,
June 28th – 29th, &
July 5th – 6th. 

Guam’s Valley of the Latte offers a bounty of experiences that fuse natural beauty, cultural richness, and the sweetest of treats—fresh watermelons. This June, the Watermelon Harvest Tours invite you to savor a slice of island life through an immersive agritourism adventure ideal for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone in between.

Journey Through Time on the Jungle River Cruise

The adventure begins with the enchanting Jungle Adventure River Cruise. Glide across serene waters where each bend in the river reveals layers of Guam’s ancient heritage. Stories echo from the past as you sail by archeological relics dating back over four millennia, enveloped by the lush tropics that whisper the island’s secrets.

A Harvest Experience Like No Other

The heartbeat of the tour—the Watermelon Harvest—allows you to walk the fertile grounds of the Valley of the Latte farm. Feel the sun on your shoulders and the thrill of anticipation as you meander through verdant fields, all leading up to the moment you pluck a ripe, juicy watermelon straight from the vine. This hands-on experience connects you to the land and the satisfaction of harvesting your snack—the freshest watermelon you’ll likely ever taste.

Indulge in Island Delicacies

All that exploring works up an appetite, but the tour has you covered with a feast that celebrates the local flavors. Relish a fiesta-style barbecue lunch plate that’s a melody of smoky, savory, and homegrown tastes—a fitting reward after your agricultural pursuits.

Explore More Than Just Farmlands

Beyond the harvest, the Valley of the Latte tour weaves in explorations of other treasures. Wander through botanical gardens that showcase the flora of Guam; visit an ancient latte site, sacred stones that are a testament to the island’s pre-colonial era; and step inside a replica of an ancient CHamoru home, the Guma, to catch a glimpse of traditional island life.

Available exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays in June—on the 7th – 8th, 14th – 15th, 21st – 22nd, and 28th – 29th—these tours are a timely excursion into the heart of Guam’s culture and agricultural prowess.

Perfect for Every Type of Explorer

Whether you’re shepherding inquisitive kids, looking to spice up a weekend with a unique date idea, or simply eager to trade the hustle and bustle for the tranquility of nature, the Valley of the Latte Watermelon Harvest Tours await. It’s not just an outing; it’s an experience that marries adventure with the senses, learning with pleasure, and the simple joys of life with the deep-rooted culture of Guam.

Join us this June. Feel the wind in your hair on the river cruise. Savor the sweetness of watermelon you harvested yourself. Delight in the stories of an island steeped in history. In the Valley of the Latte, every moment is ripe for adventure.

Bookmark your calendars to ensure you don’t miss out on this must-do event! For more information and to secure your spot on one of the tour dates, visit the Valley of the Latte’s official website or contact their booking office. See you in the valley for a taste of adventure you won’t soon forget!

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